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tv   Boom Bust  RT  August 29, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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billions of dollars into a cause that's on its last legs the mascot's and moscow a trying to work out a deal to reduce perhaps avoid the bloodshed but the job and up for it syria russia adamant this swamp of terror and zealotry has no future at the. group this is the last place for the terrorists so from all points of view this abscess should be removed of course what everybody's fearful of is escalation given the us russian military buildup in the region everyone has a gun pointed at each other and given that this is it the final act of the syrian war the urge to shoot might just be overwhelming. for the decisive battle looming civilians are fleeing the area through humanitarian corridors set up by the syrian government and russian.
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and i asked them then why did they came in a tense one holding instance hostages and it was cold in our counting minutes their intensity of force and some of this humanitarian courage do is not something. that any i am from if the conditions were dire there the militants don't let anyone go we have scaped with just the clothes on our backs. donald trump has accused google of bias the president claimed only negative coverage about him was being promoted and he vowed to take action. google search results for trump news shows only the viewing reporting of fake news media in other words they have it rigged
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for me and others so that almost all stories and news is banned fake c.n.n. is prominent republican conservative and fair media is shut out illegal ninety six percent of results on trump used for national left wing media very dangerous google and others is oppressing voices of conservatives and hiding information in news that is good they are controlling what we can on cannot see this is a very serious situation will be addressed and the white house has not yet given any response to the issue although we did ask for a comment that the spot trumps comments attracting plenty of media attention it's not the first time the tech giant search system has come under fire much research and studies have shown google can alter the results for its users or over google itself admitted automatic algorithms can sometimes have issues since they are created by inherently biased humans. though google has address trumps accusations
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claiming there is no political agenda to search engine that its results are not biased towards any political ideology legal and media analyst lynell believes the most crucial part in this case will be when the tech giants have to answer in court . there's different ways it's interesting the methodology do you ranking shelving shadow banding algorithm. if i have a library and i put your book in a part of the library that nobody ever knows about in the basement that nobody has access to but i say so much here in the library we have it nobody's ever seen it nobody has access to it you know we're getting into again a new world the long always lags behind technology nobody drafters of our constitution the bill of rights never imagined that we would have this but it was going to be interesting to see is how the courts deal with this and how the international community does this and are these organizations so great and so large
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and so rob the naggy in their colossal size that that trade agreements or trade considerations can be implemented it's going to be fascinating to see. the french president spilled himself as a main opponent to the hardline anti moderate politicians currently holding power in hungary and soft power you know i've had to fight existing e.u. migration policies and vowed to take power into their own hands in the next elections for the european parliament. reports from the french capital we're seeing clear signs developing as we head towards the hue of the elections in twenty nineteen but what we're seeing is the big divisions between the leaders of e.u. nations with the manual might go the president of france declaring today that he would be in opposition to the leaders of. the hungry if that's what they wanted and
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he would stand up against their policies. just because it is indeed clear that today there is a strong opposition between nationalists and progressives and i will not give anything away to nationalists and to those who deliver this hate speech and so we've they wanted to see me as their main opponent their right. well that's what a president matt cohen had to say of that meeting on tuesday between the leader of hungary viktor orban and the deputy prime minister of italy matel yourself we need now they met yesterday and they both did very well one of the issues that they were discussing was the migration crisis to the single over the last years and that you said that they would look to work together to solve that crisis. so the current situation is like that there are two sides one is led by matter who is supporting migration we are on the other side trying to stop illegal immigration in this issue is strongly debated in some of the european people's party and we want our line to
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be accepted. we're asking for collaboration first of all from the large countries the countries that share a border with us like france the first person who should show his sensitivity and solidarity is the french president by reopening the border at ventimiglia and he can do so even tomorrow morning to you have not always seen one hundred percent on the issue of migration we know that much of the nie in italy has talked about it to be burdening too much of the responsibility of the migrants what sum to be dispersed across europe whereas what we've seen from hungary's prime minister viktor orban as well as leaders of countries such as poland and the czech republic is a point blank refusal to take any more likely the two have come together because they believe that they can the best and main opposition to the current status quo in the european union look at some of the figures now of the migration crisis in two
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thousand and eighteen the figures show that so far around eighty two thousand migrants have come across land from the sea in addition to that fifteenth fifteen hundred people are feared to be missing or have died in the crossing in the mediterranean. this migration crisis continues to cause a huge rift in europe and it looks like it's once again going to be one of the biggest platforms coups in division in europe as we head to the elections just in
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eight months time the question is which side is going to win a. fight out that's crossed live to join brooke mallrats our political commentator thanks for joining us sir good to have you on the program today adama so who do you think micro is going to get for his opposition to or what in solving it wasn't very long ago he was talking about european unity what's changed. well you see the problem with my car is that this very particular salvini points out because salvini is willing to send as many my guns to france as they want but they're not long then so it seems to me it's a very book a ticket position isn't it i mean nice is ok we are for migration but you see the bottom of it to be in hungary are we different hungary has never been a colonial bio they are nuts response equal for the wars in the middle east they're not treaty you know active and then why should they accept my guns i don't know i mean there is no maybe you can save a charity but then they would say well maybe we have other problems to solve first
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italy is a bit different but he did the ask dick and in one hundred so it seems to me that now this is well it's enough and then the other counties will take them with a dancer is very critical on the other hand i think that the problem is largely secular she can because people are worried that if you let my guns in then they will come by the millions of the tens of million and we'll be all know when in actual fact it's not that she one hundred thousand and good looking. little girls are already tensions with for we descendants of my hands with me huns on the descendant of king and they're all in the lots of things and some people don't want more my hands and it's not that any and then they're not they're worried about the numbers nobody tells one hundred thousand and that's it after that because the border nobody's saying that's of course people are going to con another will be millions do you think so many and all but you can redraw the map of europe in the
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european parliament at least the next election and they're saying. well expect a large block of un time i you haven't deputies to get elected you seem fancy the sort of the i mean not the fire hyde but the higher the republicans are already taking the opportunity of having a very in and anti manhunt discourse which is a bitter because because a friend in france is not think that many americans if he did. he would take them but not fans at least not recently descendant of mine and that's a different question but he's on my guns are not that many it's a few hundred years there but. the rate is going to jump on that and i expect them to make it and i think finally we do x. national fund which is now the you know national gathering or something i don't personally. and and then they will probably win against my calling the left is not going to win and that's what makes great. political. league legere is
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allied to the far right party of micron's rivalry. that perhaps explains some of the motivation here for the more city between the two maybe but you see. here that's possible the problem michael should be worried about is that celine is far more popular in india and my colleagues in france and of course all banning hungary's even i mean old opposed to that in the elections for them. position for my comment you see my column wants to use me as a very conservative and you're going to be clever you make. then what it's called if. it isn't. so it's very big things going to work so you can answer that leading ok job required professor writer and political commentator thanks for joining us here on the program today thank you very much for having me. us
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military drills with south korea which won't trump surprisingly canceled following the north korea summit in singapore are back on the table. as you know we took this step to suspend several of the largest exercises as a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises and north korea has repeatedly said the military games were a provocation targeting the country tribes decision caused concern in south korea and while the president seemed to imply all drills were halted that may not have been the case. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see that the future negotiation is not going along like it should we should spend several of the largest exercises but
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we did not suspend the rest so there are ongoing extras all the time on the peninsula the region you've not heard much about the mid north korea could not in any way mission target those as somehow breaking faith with the negotiations. we're joined by senior lecturer in politics and international relations at bath university dr popkin and wong thanks for joining us good to have you on today trump said he was holding the games though seems to imply they will carry on they have been carrying on what exactly does this mean for future relations between north korea and the us. i think the situation now is quite different from toole months ago mr trump met mr kim in singapore we have to not. be july the train war between china and the us has been
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launched by mr trump. and in between china and us has been. up to now. and thought mr tron to. see the drool with south korea will be reactivated has to to call in to the stuff i do if these people in one of the tree walk of china and trouble force previously said the games would be restarted if negotiations fail were the law thing was very positive about this summit they had a side thing as a very successful does that mean that. have stalled have failed and will see a return to hostility. well it depends i think the current situation as i said to contest is very different. to trade war between china and the us has started to bite the east and southeast asian countries such as the expression i
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would say south korea and singapore thailand malaysia and the others countries now decays all of south korea because china and you as are the largest trading partner of south korea so the consequence of these unstoppable trade war east and the negative impact on south korea so what i'm expecting is very likely because the escalation between escalation of conflict between north korea and the us on the surface about the new the nuclear crisis and the deadlock regarding the denuclearization however underneath the curve and we have to see to deploy and at least all of this trade war between china and the us and to the poor and that because number one tom is going to be here it would very likely to be south korean economy and it's up as
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a matter of fact i would anticipate depresses the administration. even in trying to get a deal on behalf of all these parties to assure china and the u.s. trying to bring all these trade agreement to be on track in order to stop the escalation between north korea and the u.s. and what's the reaction likely to bring from north korea then to this. i think mr kim julian has made it very clear with the publication of the drew we continue to you reactivate the missile and nuclear tests and i don't think this is. a good direction at least from the point of view of south korea do you think the defense secretary and the president are on the same page here about how to handle the north korea crisis through negotiation through drills and setter or do you think there's a bit of differences here in the policies that should be put forward what i think.
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despite. our divisions and the sense in the white house. range of issues are you think. the so far the signature of the phones on the u.s. sign has been consistent with the white house agenda and policy so i don't think there ease a much bigger gap between. the two of the friends and mr truong himself and just very briefly what's all this likely to mean. for the future of negotiations and between america and north korea are we likely to see another round of negotiations as we saw back in june at the summit or way back through the cycle of hostility and rhetoric. well against the pressing contest softies true war between us and china which has been by. south korea india and other countries and office the north korea
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has been being used by china and you were sort of kind of bargaining chips to trying to do with detroit water logged now what i'm going to see a. likely someone have to step into trying to be soft eastern a lot and i think the best interest of south korea to start in because south korea . the biggest part of south korea is of the china and u.s. so eve this situation continues to escalate and if there's a conflict i think do you know because we're talking with the south korea sort soledad is what i'm anticipating that i think the south korea should step in on these into these as soon as possible ok see that actually politics and ask the relations dr park one thanks for joining us today r.t. international thank you. well that's it for for this hour from myself and the team join us again at ten pm moscow time for the latest the global news headlines.
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you know world's big partisan law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the
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middle for the troops the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. i'm after times when you're watching going underground while they're away we're screening some of your favorite episodes of this season coming up on this show we speak to grammy award winning artist jimmy cliff about wars funded by colonialism from vietnam joe afghanistan as well as bob marley in a welding factory and a hostile environment that began long before to raise them a good mexico be the next venezuela we speak to founder and chairman of the mexican chamber of commerce of great britain even to tilly about what president elect andres manuel lopez obrador means for the world plus is brics it no surprise given
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the e.u. policy on the jailing of democratically elected politicians on the day new spanish pm petter sanchez meets his catalonian counterpart we get the take of a spanish m.e.p. on the european parliament's committee on foreign affairs jordi so that all this of all coming up in today's going underground but first on this day in one nine hundred sixty two singer bob dylan recorded the song that would make him a star blowin in the wind he introduced it by saying it was no protest song later though he said that the greatest protest song ever written was by someone we speak to today we caught up with the grammy award winning artist. and film star known for you can get it if you really want harvey they come many rivers to cross i can see clearly now and countless others jimmy cliff speaks to us at a hotel in west london jimmy you're touring across europe across the world the big talk here across the world obviously terms america but here is after the injustice of the wars there is migration and that the moment the european union is
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cutting down on migrants what is behind this all refugees sub-zero you heard us on exactly not actually about this kind of aggression oh yeah but refugees was triggered by the migration situation that was going on in you know some of the places a cold you know naked across seen coming come to italy come from libya come on who over and so that touch me and. you know some touch my tie it refugee situation has been going on for quite a while so why i mention. jesus christ went to egypt for refuge is because the fundamental christianity. and all of
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the more to stick religions for that matter you talk about them as well yeah all the moment a sequel asians you know that came out of aber missive they all in their holy books they write about. egypt as a bad place and yet they are to go there if i heard that. one ghetto in london is a bad place in my son or daughter is in a bad way i'm not going to send my son daughter there but. if it's a good place and my son or daughter needs refuge i send them there so it contradicts what they're saying about egypt being a bad place absolutely not wasn't with the scandal where the prime minister caused a scandal i think even though is the windrush scandal about the deportation of men
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women and children of africa arabian descent who came in the in the forty's fifty's to build the health service and so it came as a shock to the elites in this is that something like that could happen and there they lost many of the children in the system there with the word about the windrush going to yeah while the majority of the people are void of the knowledge of what went on in those days before and they came no one dark teaches children about it is not something that is inconclusive in the school system and all of that so if one wants to know about social justice for real one has to do some research and so you know that is not not is not right just right what was it like when you first visited britain from two regular they wanted to send them back where you would be are we talking about when
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you first came to world nineteen sixty five sixty five yeah they wanted to send back because. you know the red tape situation passport and you don't have that and you do that and so fortunately or unfortunately their current record company that invited me they were there and you know. they can pull strings so say talk all of got from one guy's my friend and i can't you know that's our new system or so they could call up somebody and say hey this person is all right he's coming here but when i came out i wanted to go back and replay it. too far be too cold in this was a what do you care son look around i love my wall son is your maker is this what i
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come for oh i want to go back however i stayed in. a moment of things i again the wealth of knowledge used to see that there's a story that you helped discover boboli and you're in a welding shop in your acre let's clarify that story is a true this is straight let's make it straight i don't discover them in a welding shop they were both working in a welding shop together and guess what they could came to me and i auditioned him and. he got to some record so you'd hear for went back to bob where they used to work and some together and. bob bob said this on together and. told bob and bob came down and i auditioned them and he got is first songs recorded just the same you know so i didn't discovered i just was the man.
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no one's heard of bobo in the hood is only one. day there's a welcome x. jake of a big lives a little fame was in the twenty first century did you get to meet welcome a stranger sting is. now into new york. they mark a mccausland speak. i was on my way to the boardroom and heard it don't work oh he's gone so. that's it you were you interested in the in that in the bad store rights over the good well as a as it seemed there in history books well you knew the king. before the veil of speech and welcome to. jerusalem i don't know you know the media.
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are established when promote who they want to promote but when you look at that goes to freedom fighters they pass for a kind of different you know malcolm was blunt. just get to the point and maybe seek a violence in him you know fight fire with fire maybe he's sick of that was in him after we left the black muslim movement because he wasn't like that when he was in the black muslim movement martin being a fundamentalist religious man he went about it in a different way so. how come i could identify with a lot because even of experience in the united states in the city is different doggedly from jamaica here malcolm street that he grew up on the street
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in the new rough life of the street. martin was not like that. street gang but he was eloquent and he did speak truth as well and this is his cause for justice to. but he went about it different when it comes to the our politics it's a mali's music and in your was people some critics saying molly's music is more explicitly revolutionary your song was used by a former british prime minister who appointed our present prime minister in office what did you make of david cameron using. you can get it if you really want and this is our prime minister who created the conditions for brics it actually leaving european union. to cameron.
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to show her sensitive spot in me. when he came to your maker. and we were talking about. reparation and he said oh that's a long time ago i don't. know what the jews did not say that so long time ago they never make the one forget what happened to that oh why shouldn't we be paid for repairs and. you should you free slaves. freedom with what what what you got to live on but not a penny so where is the repairs so when mr cameron said that it really touched me deeply in fairness to the authorities in fact there's a maumelle case about kenya going through the government says they lose quite a few of the papers.


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